Quail Hunts

Quail Hunts

Quail Hunting Mississippi

Best Quail Hunts in Mississippi

Come join us for an experience that will bring back old memories of days in the field. Our hunting grounds are the warm season grasses that are native to the Mississippi Black Prairie. The goal for our quail hunts is to create a hunting experience as close to a wild bird hunt as possible. All our hunts include unlimited quail, expert guides and excellent bird dogs.

This season runs October 1 – April (depending on weather conditions).

Quail Hunting Mississippi

Quail Hunts Packages

Half day packages, full day packages or all-inclusive packages with lodging are offered. Bird cleaning is complimentary with all hunts. Birds are sealed and packed in complimentary coolers for travel or birds can be shipped to your desired destination.  All Guides carry water, shells, safety equipment and first aid kits.

Included in Quail hunting packages:

  • Hunts last 2.5 - 3 Hours
  • Groups of 2-3 People
  • Breakfast and Lunch Provided
  • All Guides carry water, shells, safety equipment and first aid kits
  • Hunt Dogs Provided and Trained by Prairie Wildlife Staff - Guests are allowed to bring their own dogs if they want but usually will still have our dogs at least in truck for back up
  • Unlimited Bag Limits

Quail Hunting Mississippi

Mixed Bag Hunts

This hunt provides a unique experience with the wide variety of fowl found at Prairie Wildlife. The shooter will have an opportunity to hunt quail, pheasant and chukar.

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