Opening day of Dove Season

Opening day of Dove Season

Opening day of Dove Season

August 24, 2020 by

It has been called a religious experience, a rite of passage, or a social event for family and friends and it is something that every hunter young and old looks forward to all summer. That time of the year when you start getting cooler temperatures and the end of summer heat is in sight and you get your opportunity at the fast-little darting flying birds to test your shooting skills. Opening day of Dove season is the anticipated first opportunity for the upcoming hunting season for so many hunters and they can’t wait to get in the field, looking forward to this day all summer much like a child waiting tor the time to pass so they can jump out of bed and run to see what has arrived around the tree on Christmas morning.

The doves do not just show up, unless you are one of the lucky people that have field that the doves just want to be in year after year and show up with little to no effort.  The serious preparation for dove season starts in early spring every year with the preparation of the fields and deciding what to plant and when to get the seeds in the ground. Most of the fields are planted in sunflower, corn, soybeans, milo, or brown top millet and then the wait for the rain begins so everything will grow. These fields are sprayed and tended to all summer long, just hoping that they will make a crop that will help bring in the doves for that glorious morning of opening day.  

The beginning of the seasons brings families together, husbands with their wives, children and their grandparents and we cannot forget the family bird dog. All the excitement, waiting and anticipation is over, and it is that time to get ready go to the field and get in your spot to start to start the day. The stools and chairs are out, everyone has their camouflage on, and the shells are in the bucket and the wait is on for the legal opening shooting time. The children are asking when we can start shooting and the parents keep telling them in a few minutes just wait and sit still it will not be long. And when that time arrives everyone is ready to take the first bird that flies through the field,  then the barrage of shooting and missing starts form one end of the field to the other until someone lucky person takes the first bird. Then everyone settles down and gets into their rhythm to spend the rest of the day Dove Hunting.

Take the time and get out in the field with family and friends to make memories that will last a lifetime. You can laugh and reminisce about these hunts  from now own especially if you are taking your children or a grandchild, you will make a lifelong memory that cannot ever be replaced and the time spent in the field creates a lasting impression for children. By you taking the time to spend it with the kids you could start the next generation of dove hunters off on the right foot.

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