Orvis School

 Based on the English Churchill method, the Orvis Wingshooting School’s approach offers beginners and seasoned veterans a complete shooting system applicable to hunting or sporting clays.  Students are grouped together according to their levels of ability and experience.  Prairie Wildlife makes an ideal partner for Orvis with its spectacular hunting opportunities and world class lodging.

For school reservations: 866.531.6213 or graciad@orvis.com

For lodging reservations: 662.494-5858 or ncoggins@prairiewildlife.com

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2-Day School Dates

December 2016

1-2 Thursday-Friday

February 2017

4-5 Saturday-Sunday

6-7 Monday-Tuesday

March 2017

18-19 Saturday-Sunday

20-21 Monday-Tuesday

23-24 Thursday-Friday

December 2017

1-2 Friday-Saturday

4-5 Monday-Tuesday

7-8 Thursday-Friday

1-Day School Dates

November 2016

30 Wednesday

February 2017

9 Thursday

10 Friday

March 2017

17 Friday

25 Saturday

26 Sunday

December 2017

3 Sunday