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After so many years, efforts, and challenges Prairie Wildlife's wild bobwhite quail population has been steadily growing and continues to rise.

Whether on a time-honored mule-drawn wagon, or on gentle horse back, or via a simple prairie walk, one can now pursue the “Prince of Game Birds” how it once was done. Our friendly bird dogs will ensure you fully live this tradition; a tradition where once again, locally trained bird dogs and wild bobwhite quail will dance their timeless ritual.

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Dog tracking quail

white dogs hunting in the field

On a fall day in 1997, Jimmy Bryan reflected on his childhood bird hunts and wondered. He recalled knowing of roughly 25 to 30 coveys on his land. Yet on that day in 1997, Dr. Wes Berger, Quail Ecologist at Mississippi State University, estimated only 4 to 5 coveys on his entire property.

In 2008, after much dedication, years, sacrifice, and investigation, graduate students and PhD candidates from MSU located 62 different coveys.

For us, it is only the beginning…

hunter and dog

…..The rarity of wild northern bobwhite quail hunting in Mississippi….To many, wild northern bobwhite quail hunting may be a thing of the past. But at Prairie Wildlife, wild northern bobwhite quail management, northern bobwhite quail conservation, northern bobwhite quail restoration, well and professionally trained bird dogs, mule drawn wagon, horseback hunts, and friendly guides ensuring true southern hospitality, are only a few aspects ensuring that how it once was, is still today. Ever witnesses a Southeast wild quail covey rise?...


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