“...The thinking deer hunter should mature through three phases during his hunting life. First phase, I need to kill a deer. Second phase, l want to harvest a nice deer. And last phase, we must manage this resource so our children and their children can experience the grand tradition of good deer hunting...” Jim Slinsky


Deer in the lightsAt Prairie Wildlife, our deer management is beginning to produce some of the finest white-tailed bucks we have ever seen on our property. It has been a long road of planning, managing, careful harvesting, limiting take, and finally, after 10 years of implementing our visionary practices, we see the fruits of our efforts today – ones that you will be able to enjoy and experience.

Deer with large antlersstreamcorn cobdeer tracks at Prairie Wildlife






So that bucks like these continue
to be produced at Prairie Wildlife, Lee Woodall, our on-site trained wildlife biologist recommends that only 15 mature trophy bucks will be allowed for harvest this season.






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Our hunts are bow hunts and primitive weapon only as defined by the state of Mississippi.

What is a Primitive Weapon?

“…Primitive firearms” for the purpose of hunting deer, are defined as single or double barreled muzzle-loading rifles of at least .38 caliber; single shot, breech loading, cartridge rifles (.35 caliber or larger) and replicas, reproductions or reintroductions of those type rifles; and single or double-barreled muzzle-loading, shotguns with single ball or slug. All muzzle-loading Primitive Firearms must use black powder or a black powder substitute with either percussion caps or #209 shotgun primers or flintlock ignition. Breech loading single shot rifles must have exposed hammers and use metallic cartridges. Cartridges may be loaded either with black powder or modern smokeless powder. Scopes of any magnification are allowed on primitive weapons…”

instruments of hunting











hunting rifle barrel

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deer antlers


Deer hunting stand at the edge of an open field at Prairie Wildlife

… The allure of Mississippi white-tailed deer hunting… Well managed, quality trophy bucks, semi guided deer hunts, lush and intensively managed food plots, supplemental feeding, and strategically well placed deer stands, are only a few of the factors making your deer hunting experience at Prairie Wildlife a successful one…

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