The Shooting Grounds at Prairie Wildlife's Horse Shoe Pond has a simple mission; to make better and more conscientious shooters afield, reduce the number of crippled birds, and to teach future generations the ethical and moral responsibilities towards game. Our unique "over the water" venue is designed to recognize distances and offer a variety of realistic presentations by replicating the truest flight paths.

A significant percentage of game shot at is crippled. More often than not, this game is never recovered. Hunters today may take 60 yard, crippling shots simply because they may be unaware of what 60 yards really looks like.

Kids learn outdoor skills like archery at Prairie Wildlife

As sportsmen, we have a responsibility to know what we are shooting at, the distance involved, as well as our own personal ability. Crippled game is an unpleasant thought to all and we must do our part to ensure every game piece is never wasted; as it was expected by all the animals in the forest.

Experience our shooting grounds by becoming a "Partner of the Black Prairie" member, at your company's next corporate event, or during your next hunting or recreational overnight stay at Prairie Wildilfe and understand our vision and mission a little more.

Our Shooting Grounds may be enjoyed by all who:
• Become a "Partner of the Black Prairie"
    and member to our Shooting Grounds
• Are part of an overnight or day Corporate Event
• Enjoy an overnight stay at Prairie Wildlife

Tortoise in it's habitat at Prairie Wildlife



A wise and valuable Native American tale shares the following:

One day, all the animals in the forest got together and shared their thoughts on a very important issue.

The bear began to speak and said: "We understand why man hunts us and we respect his need to do so. He has always shown respect and has always hunted us with a high regard and considerable admiration. We have always appreciated this."

All the animals nodded in agreement. He continued…." However, the day man ever hunts us with disrespect, arrogance, and no consideration (i.e hunting out of season, breaking hunting laws & regulations, hunting under the influence, mishandling game, etc), we should all auto-poison ourselves, that way, when he consumes us, he will get sick and have stomach pains for days to come."

All agreed except for the Chipmunk. The Chipmunk stood up and said "Man never hunts me, so I see there no reason to join this effort."

Disappointed and upset, all the animals clawed at his back, forever marking the 5 black stripes we see today.


Dove hunt in Mississippi at Prairie Wildlife

Quails flock to fileds to eat

shotgun shells




hunter's boots


Porch at the Bryan Lodge

Spotting doves

Corn fields attract doves on the prairie




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