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Population Dynamics affecting Hunting Trends United States Hunting License Holders as a Percentage of the U.S. Population United States Certified Paid Hunting License Holders (1960-2007)

Development, socio-cultural pressures, progress, lack of game, less land, and pollution, are only a few of the factors affecting our sporting ways today. Hunting licenses have dropped to unprecedented levels and while we all know this, few are the ones leading the efforts to ensure the continuous existence of a way of life that has given so many of us our values, ideals, and principals. At Prairie Wildlife, we are attempting every day to ensure that our valued sporting traditions continue to be here tomorrow by engaging in visionary conservation efforts and dedicated community involvement.

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Live our incomparable field experiences in the middle of Mississippi’s remaining Black Prairie, and learn how successful conservation efforts and dedicated community involvement are upholding our valued sporting traditions.

From working closely with the community, to participating in educational statewide and national events. From encouraging our youth to discover the Black Prairie through our exciting programs, to ensuring all guests know the reality of our situation. From offering unparalleled experiences afield to working with local businesses. There are only a few ways we are inviting the global community to be part of our efforts.

And as we lead the state in native Black Prairie restoration, over 80% of every dollar earned at Prairie Wildlife today is going directly to preserve our threatened ecosystem. We hope our efforts will ensure our mission becomes true.

Be part of our efforts and help us uphold our sporting traditions every day.

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“…we get habitat for birds, and we’re building
what we want for the future to pass on
to our children and grandchildren.”

– Jimmy Bryan on Prairie Wildlife’s
extraordinary conservation efforts





"…great time hunting quail… loved the cabin. Lee was a very good host and guide…"

– Joe Paullette, Vancouver, Washington

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