Why not introduce your kids to hunting at Prairie Wildlife?


Who is unable to recall their first deer, their first bobwhite quail, their first cottontail, or their first dove? Few things are so lively engraved in our minds and even the most senior of sportsmen today will vividly recall their first hunt. As children, we learned so much from our first harvested game; how to skin it, how to pluck it, how to carry it, and how it tasted. To many, these moments created “un-cloudable” memories.

Father and son share the Prairie WIldlife experience.







At Prairie Wildlife, our extraordinary program “My First Game,” gives fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, a chance to join their sons, daughters, and grandchildren, in their first hunt and be next to them as they quietly listen to your guidance in the responsible harvesting of their first quarry, how to most efficiently clean it, and how to properly handle it. Sharing and guiding them in this once-in-a-life time event, will be a treasure neither one of you will ever forget.

The dogs help with the hunt

Whether the experience you choose is their first bobwhite quail, their first whitetail doe, or first cottontail, these two days are viewed by many parents and grandparents as a time for reflection, communication, handing down of values, and sound guidance for life ahead.

And to the children, this time will signify a special moment, where a lasting bond will be created; all this, as you both engage in a tradition that has shaped your life, and hopefully, will be a part of their life as well.







Father and daughter share that first game event together

And on the last day, both of you will plant a tree and a sign in the fields of Prairie Wildlife in a simple, but immensely significant ceremony. Fifteen, twenty, or thirty years later, you will both have a chance to come back, admire your fully grown tree, and reminisce on that memorable day when it all began with “My First Game.”



sharing the experience at Prairie Wildlife

There is something wonderful about a walk through the woods

Grandfather-grandson hunts? Father-son hunts? Mother-daughter hunts? Uncle-nephew hunts? A family hunt is truly an unforgettable moment. Prairie Wildlife invites you to live one today.


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“ We had a great weekend! The guys really enjoyed their quail hunt. Thanks for letting Kinley and I tag along. I got some great pictures. So excited abut his first quail…” Stacey Miller
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