Doves flock to fields to eat

Have you ever shared a dove field with passionate wing-shooters who gather every year to pay homage to a small, grayish, fast flying - migratory game bird? At Prairie Wildlife, our food and cover rich fields act as “welcome mats” for this timeless game bird, which for so many of us, represents the beginnings of our sporting life.

shotgun shells




hunter's boots

The birds, seemingly impossible targets, will fly throughout the day, making you reflect how traditions become powerful entities, unscathed by progress or time.

hundreds of doves fill the trees along the prairie


Spotting doves

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Corn fields attract doves on the prairie

The tradition of dove hunting in Mississippi…professionally managed dove fields, sunflower, milo, and millet fields, refreshments during your hunt, and the availability of corporate and private fields, will ensure you continue to live this tradition or make you experience it for the first time.

Mississippi doves hunting



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