Prairie Wildlife is an ideal setting for Corporate Retreats and Events

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Comforts awaits at Prairie Wildlife

Today, planning and determining the right venue for your next corporate offsite meeting or event, may be a challenging task. The challenge stems from locating a facility that can provide your organization with more than just the common offerings of a mere conference room, audio-visual equipment, and microphone.

With an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, Prairie Wildlife’s Corporate Retreat and Event Grounds, in the middle of Mississippi’s remaining Black Prairie, is a client driven facility, built on the philosophy of unsurpassed customer service and sensitive to clients’ ever changing requirements. As we move further into the 21st century, organizations must consider off-site locations that provide a friendly and professional ambiance in order to plan effectively in this new global business environment.


At our Corporate Retreat & Event Grounds, we will provide you with:

Stairs in lodge at Prairie Wildlife
  • Incomparable outdoor experiences for your clients, staff, or board members.
  • Privacy from the public & undue media exposure.
  • Exclusive use of our professional facilities.
  • Large and extensive prairie event fields.
  • Intimate atmosphere where one will be able to entertain important clients, enjoy the camaraderie of colleagues, reward or incentivize staff, conduct strategic planning or simply obtain a respite from an unrelenting work schedule.
  • Security from market competitors, political challengers, & business intelligence.
  • Turn-key structure & No-Cost professional planning & assistance: Prairie Wildlife’s Conference Coordinator will work closely with you to ensure that your event exceeds your own expectations.
  • From event planning, to coordination, and execution; our professional staff will provide an unprecedented high level of personal service.



Lodge decor at Prairie Wildlife

…because your company looks towards the future… executive retreats, client entertainment, off-site meetings, corporate outings, training & education, special events, corporate leadership & team building programs

Today, Prairie Wildlife provides its corporate clients with complete and detailed event planning, coordination and execution, a beyond-professional staff providing you never before experienced personal service, overnight historic & luxurious accommodations, challenging and exciting field and sporting activities, all inclusive outdoor equipment, special premium services, and succulent meals and dishes enhancing the tastes of anyone’s palate.


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