A brief history if the Bryan family of West Point, MS who bring you Prairie Wildlife

Early Bryan butcher shop

“…the Bryans, who founded the forerunner company of Bryan Foods in the mid-1930’s, can trace their ancestry back to Ireland…”

“…It was perfectly natural that James Charles Bryan would eventually own a meat market…”

“…why don’t we put these cattle in our own slaughtering house to do some business?"

By whatever happenstance, Bryan Brothers Packing Company became a reality and the company got off to a good start immediately

Total Sales 1936: $382,000.00

Front view of historic Bryan Market

Historic street view of West Point, MS  West Point, MS train station





Bryan Market signMrs. BryanAssembly line at Bryan Brothers Packing Co.Bryan Brother's Packing Company workers and receipt










“…Ironically, the beginning of the Korean War occurred at a time when Bryan Brothers Packing Company had taken the most important step ever in its fifteen-year-old history. The plant came under federal inspection in 1950. This meant that Bryan meat products were no longer restricted to Mississippi’s eighty two counties…”

“Bryan Brothers now had its own Federal Meat Inspection Number…780. This inspection mark would now appear on all of the company’s meat…”

“…During those first few years, B Bryan did most of the cattle buying … just like his father before him. He really knew cattle … he could size up instantly whether they were good quality, how much they weighed, even how old they were. This skill on the part of B Bryan was among his most valuable contributions to the growth and success of the company … John Bryan, although he did a lot of trading in mules both before and after the plant opened, was always more interested in the general operation of the company…”

Total Gross Sales of Bryan Foods 1936-1986: $4,452,337,000.00


Mr. Bryan with President Lyndon JohnsonThanksgiving flyer posted for the communityInside the old store










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