“…Grasslands constitute the most imperiled and least protected biome in North America; and the area of the native prairie has declined rapidly in the late nineteenth and twentieth century…”

– Schauwecker
& MacDonald

Black Prairie grasslands are preserved at Prairie Wildlife Preserve A couple of guys looking at the grasslands


“Prairie Wildlife has demonstrated a commitment to prairie restoration that is unsurpassed on private lands in Mississippi, restoring more than 900 acres of historic native grasslands.”

–L. Wes Burger

interesting plant

Learn how two family members, with more similarities than just their last name, have each poured their efforts and time to passionately pursue their very own visions; visions that are systematically ensuring that unique and disappearing treasures will be here tomorrow.

greenfields of Prairie Wildlife

“…Native prairie and oak savannahs were once common in the Blacklands of Mississippi. These prairies were home to indigenous people, white-tailed deer, American Bison, and many different song birds. Some of these songbirds are gone now, as is the American Bison…”

– Dr. Jeanne Jones

“…the cabin was beautiful and provided an authentic step back in time. I plan to come back with my grandchildren. Thank you!...”

– Deborah Young
USDA Madison, Mississippi





“…Tall grass prairies of the eastern United States once supported grasses that grew taller than the head of a man sitting atop a horse…”

– Dr. Jeanne Jones


“…In Mississippi, tall grass prairies are one of the most endangered ecosystems. Due to the decline of the prairie ecosystem, many flora and fauna have also declined due to their dependence on the ecosystems in which they are a part of…”

– Dr. Jeanne Jones

Tractor in the fields at Prairie Wildlife



bird on a flower quails crossing the road


“Without our Black Prairie, or any other lands,
our sporting traditions will cease to exist”  – The Prairie Wildlife family


»Click here for Mississippi State University research which took place at Prairie Wildlife.

B Bryan Preserve


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